Companionship Care

Companionship Care

Our care givers will be there to provide comfort and support.For clients who are unable to provide care and service required 24/7, this service could be the right answer. It may suit some clients who are independent otherwise but need some extra help executing everyday activities.

Highlights of this service

  • Having the help of caregivers who double up as excellent companions to enjoy a lot of social interactions.
  • Enjoy constant mental stimulation through activities like listening to music, playing games, book reading, or rewarding conversation.
  • Preparing and sharing meals together.
  • Help to perform routine tasks, as well as accompany while going grocery shopping.
  • Accompanying during light activities, such as evening walks or spending some time outside, attending social gatherings. Helping in transportation, as well.
  • Regular reminders for taking the medications or go for personal appointments.
  • Help to manage laundry and similar basic housekeeping activities.

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