Patient Attendant

Patient Attendant

When there is a loved one admitted to the hospital or on the way to recovery from illness or surgery, he/she might need a constant companion. Nevertheless, it might not always be possible for the members of the family or facility to give 24/7 attention. Our attendants can provide patient care round the clock. The attendant would keep close contact with the patient, as well as with the facilities & primary care givers.

Highlights of this service

  • We provide non-medical compassionate care, our attendants will provide constant reliable professional care at all times.
  • Our attendants will be with the loved ones throughout their recovery processes providing extra care and support for more expedited recovery.
  • Assistance while changing in posture, especially post-surgery, or for those who are still bed-bound.
  • Providing assistance in mobility.
  • Assistance from sit to walk.
  • Helping to get a shower, dress, or eat.
  • Providing help so that the patient does not trip or slip while moving.
  • Help to perform basic hygiene care if the patient requires.
  • All above stated will be performed under the guidance of facility nurses or primary care giver.

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